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Caring for Citrus

DRAINAGE Citrus trees prefer light sandy or sandy loam soils that are well drained.


The site chosen should ideally be in full sun and frost free. If you do not have such a position, you can still have success with a spot that receives half-day sun in the afternoon. You will, however, have a little less fruit and they will take longer to ripen.


Citrus trees do not like cold winds. Protect them from cold south- westerly winds. As the tree matures, it will become more tolerant.


Do not plant your tree in clay soil, your options are either top dress with a well drained soil and also condition your soil with either gypsum, clay breaker liquid or compost mix soil. It is important to keep the bud union well clear of the soil level. Make a small around the tree to hold water and water the tree in well.


Water regulary, especially in summer. Citrus have shallow roots compared to other trees. Protect your tree from frosts. If does get burnt by frost do not prune it until spring. Keep the soil around the trunk of the tree free from grass and weeds. Do not dig or cultivate close to the tree as the shallow roots are easily damaged. Depending on fertilizer, normally you will feed you tree in autumn and spring.


In summer, mulch around the tree but keep mulch away from direct contact with the trunk. Pruning should only be done to keep the tree in good shape or to remove damaged branches. You can prune anytime except late autumn and winter. Meyer lemons, Cumquats, Mandarins and dwarf varieties are best for tub culture.

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