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Tips on Toppings

Mansfield Garden Supplies toppings suit both residential and commercial purposes. They are a great alternative to concreting or asphalting your driveways, pathways or open spaces. They are also a simple and inexpensive way to brighten up an otherwise dull area.

Toppings and crushed rocks are large rocks crushed into smaller rocks by machines. Once crushed there are particles of varying size. It is the finer dust particles within the product that bind it together to make a solid surface.

The crushed rock needs to push down into the soil surface in order to find a base, the toppings layer then pushes down into the crushed rock to find its base. Before you start, you will need to excavate (dig out) or box up the depth of the area that you are going to cover to a minimum over all depth of 8cm (deeper if possible especially for a driveway).

We recommend that you start with Crushed Rock (20mm) for your base at a minimum depth of 5cm (deeper if possible). A good base is crucial, especially in the construction of a driveway. Spread and then level the Crushed Rock using the back of a rake or straight length of timber (It is not advised to use a rake with the prongs down, as they tend to pull the larger rocks out leaving patches of stony material).

Water the Crushed Rock LIGHTLY with a hose (do not soak). Compact the area with a vibrating plate or roller. Making sure you fill any dips or holes to make a smooth and even finish. Once the Crushed Rock has been laid and compacted, repeat procedure with the toppings.

It is important that the crushed rock layer and the toppings layer are compacted separately. Good preparation ends in a good result.

Mansfield Garden Supplies can supply all your topping and crushed rock needs. Get in touch today to find out how we can help...

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