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The Magic of Mulch

At Mansfield Garden Supplies, our mulches are designed for both the home gardener and landscaper. Adding mulch to your garden is highly beneficial. By mulching your garden you will...

  • Reduce soil erosion

  • Retain soil moisture during warm seasons

  • Insulate plant roots during cold seasons

  • Add nutrient to the soil

  • Reduce weeds

  • Improve overall health of soil

  • Improve visual appeal of your garden

You should lay mulch with a minimum depth of 5cm. Mulch will need to be topped up at some stage due to wear and tear that is caused by weather elements, decomposition, birds and other animals moving it.

We have a variety of mulches, sold by the cubic metre and by the bag. Get in touch today and we can assist you to calculate the right amount of mulch for you individual needs.

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